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2012-02-01, 22:02
I'm selling Datsun L28ET engine. It has been made from L28E engine(block F54) and it has original exhaust manifold and P82 intake manifold. Cylinder head is P90 and all the rocker arms, lash pads and valves has been changed. Valve seats has also been machined.

Motor also has wiseco forged flat top pistons, stock connection rods, stock crankshaft and new bearings. Injectors are from MkIII supra 440cc and intake manifold has a 200sx throttle body. Turbo is garret t3/4 (can't remember the trim) and should be enough for 350hp. Also the cylinder head cover is polished.

With the engine I will also include intercooler.

Engine is located in southern finland. Contact me at make114 at gmail.com